Kyligence, a big data analytics startup founded by the creators of Apache Kylin at eBay in Shanghai, raises $70M Series D, bringing its total raised to $118M (Rick Whiting/CRN)

kyligence apache ebay shanghai 70m series

Kyligence, the world’s leading big data intelligence company, announced that it has achieved the “ Kyligence Apache eBay Shanghai 70M Series ” certification. The certification is an important milestone for Kyligence and demonstrates the company’s ability to provide big data intelligence solutions for large enterprises. The Kyligence Apache eBay Shanghai 70M Series certification is awarded … Read more

OnlyFans shares new TOS for “sexually explicit conduct”: no intercourse, masturbation, exhibition of genitals; any such content must be removed before Dec. 1(Onlyfans Tos Dec.lawler The Verge)

tos dec.lawler theverge - onlyfans tos dec.lawler

OnlyFans raises the bar when it comes to “sexually explicit conduct”. According to the new Terms of Service, it is not permitted to engage in intercourse, masturbation, or display of genitals.   This is OnlyFans’ new policy for banning sexually explicit content on its website The use of simulated or real masturbation, whether it is real … Read more

Nintendo’s global and US presidents discuss Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Switch, and the company’s forays into theme parks, movies, and more (Harry McCracken/Fast Company)

nintendo us animal horizons switchmccracken fastcompany

Nintendo is flipping the script on its Animal Crossing series with a new game for the Switch console. Animal Crossing: New Horizons will let players escape to a deserted island, where they can customize their surroundings and interact with various animal characters. The game was announced during Nintendo’s E3 2019 presentation on Tuesday. It’s set … Read more

Profile of Abu Dhabi-based music streaming service Anghami, which has 1.4M paying subscribers and 70M total users, as it goes public via a $220M SPAC merger (Yinka Adegoke/Rest of World)

profile abu dhabibased anghami 1.4m 70m

There are several reasons why the global music industry will benefit from an Abu Dhabi-based streaming app in the coming years The Anghami brand is a great example of how the music business is being gradually transformed from outside its major centers in New York, Los Angeles and London by outside players. The founders of … Read more

CA appellate court rules Amazon is responsible for the safety of third-party products it sells, rejecting Amazon’s claim of merely connecting buyers and sellers (David Lazarus/Los Angeles Times)

appellate amazon amazonlazarus los

CA appellate court rules Amazon is responsible for the safety of third-party products it sells, rejecting Amazon’s claim of merely connecting buyers and sellers (David Lazarus/Los Angeles Times) Does Amazon, which accounts for roughly half of all online sales, have a legal and financial responsibility for the safety of the products that are sold on … Read more

How To Mine Filecoin

How To Mine Filecoin

Filecoin is an open-source, distributed file storage protocol that allows anyone to create their own blockchain-based, decentralized cloud storage network. Filecoin is one of the largest ICOs in history, raising $133 million in September 2017. It’s also the first token to use the Proof-of-Stake algorithm. Proof-of-Stake is a method of securing a blockchain by having … Read more

How To Travel From Lima To Cusco

Travel From Lima To Cusco

If you’re like me, you probably dream about traveling the world. But the reality of it is that, unless you have a lot of money to travel with, you’re probably going to need to choose your destinations wisely. You can’t just go anywhere—you have to choose the right places to visit and make sure that … Read more

How To Travel Cheap in USA

Travel Cheap in USA

There are a lot of things to consider when it comes to travel. Do you want to spend more or less? How far do you want to travel? What type of trip do you want? There are so many different options and there are a lot of ways to travel cheaply. However, traveling cheaply isn’t … Read more

How To Get To Antarctica From US

How To Get To Antarctica From US

You have a dream to visit Antarctica. You want to see the majestic ice sheet, the pristine beauty of the frozen ocean and the amazing wildlife that lives there. But how do you get to Antarctica? There are two ways to go: flying or driving. Flying to Antarctica is a luxury that few people can … Read more