Dinner vs. Supper: Is There a Difference?

It’s late and you’re waiting for your final dinner that day. What will be the meal? evening meal or evening meal? What is the different?

In the majority of the English-speaking world there are three to four terms for the most important dinners of the week. While many can be interchanged, dinner and the meal typically create some confusion.

While you may utilize dinner as well as dinner as a synonym for your dinner each term has distinct meanings.

Dinner generally has an unintentionally serious meaning and is a reference to a substantial and full-on meal. On the other hand, dinner is typically spoken more casually and is a reference to a lighter meal served at home.

What’s the Difference Between Supper and Dinner?

The dinner is a hefty and full-bodied meal that is served at home or in the restaurant.

The Supper is an informal, lighter meal that can be enjoyed at home. It typically is served in conjunction with a substantial dinner eaten early in the morning.

As compared to dinnerdinner has a higher weight in terms of both the amount of food consumed and also the importance of the meal for social purposes.

These sentences highlight the different significance of the words dinner and dinner. Let’s start with dinner..

  • She’s delivering a speech during the company’s annual evening in the coming year.
  • We’ll have the dinner with our family around 6.30pm.
  • Do you want to join me to have an evening meal between 8 and 9pm?
  • We’re headed to Grandma’s house at 2pm for a family dinner!!

The following set of sentences illustrates how dinner is more casual in its sense of it both in the context of the food that is served and also the social aspect.

  • Let’s keep the atmosphere informal. Invite us over for an easy meal.
  • After a huge meal at the town restaurant, it was decided to take an meal of crackers and soup as we got ready to go to sleep.
  • He was the only one who ate biscuits and cheese as the supper.
  • I ate a lot during lunch. I’m going to have a small salad to eat for the evening meal.

What Time Is Dinner?

You might have noticed the varying times for dinner in meals sentences. Although dinner is usually referring to a dinner food, there can be some exceptions.

Sometimes, a large lunch is referred to as dinner because it is an event that is a major feast that will include plenty of food and a social aspect!

If you had a chance to meet a person to have a late or mid-afternoon lunch, you’d probably tell them that you were able to enjoy an “big meal.”

You wouldn’t claim to have had a large meal if you had eaten it at a wedding in the afternoon or at grandma’s Sunday spaghetti party for the entire family.

These meaningful, food-centric occasions are given the elegant dinner label.

What Time Is Supper?

Dinner is usually an dinner meal for the evening. The time and date of evening is determined by when you’re feeling hungry, and also the length of time you’ve been up! It’s possible to have a early supper around 5pm or have a late dinner around 10pm.

Who Says Supper Instead of Dinner?

There are regional differences in English users’ usage for the dinner and dinner throughout North America an Europe.

The United States

In the US Many people in the US across the US, many people use the terms dinner and dinner in the same way to describe an dinner meal. There are a few areas that are mostly within regions like Midwest and South in which the term supper is still the preferred word.

For instance, in Texas you’ll see about half people using meals or dinner together, with the remaining half making use of the supper or dinner together.

In Ohio Many people in Ohio take lunch as a midday meal and later say dinner in reference to dinner, putting off the dinner for formal or bigger meals.

Many observe that those in urban areas tend to eat dinner as their main meal while those who live in agricultural areas tend towards eating dinner..


In a number of areas of Canada in Canada, the dinner meal is dinner and often dinner..

It is only in British Columbia and Ontario is dinner the most popular term. In Saskatchewan and the rest in Atlantic Canada, you can anticipate a lunchtime dinner and supper for the main dinner!


England introduces a third phrase for the dinner battle. supper battle: tea.

This “tea” isn’t one of drink served in a cup it’s a reference to a dinner. In England you’ll be hearing tea more often than dinner and dinner much less frequently.

In the year 2018, YouGov actually surveyed 42,000 people in England to determine what they thought of their dinner 57% of them called it dinner and 38% called it tea and just 5% called it supper.

Supper was used only in isolated regions, and was mostly used by people who are who have higher incomes.

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A Final Comment on Supper and. Dinner

While there are variations, in the majority of cases the most common resolution of the dinner or dinner conflict follows these guidelines:

  • Dinner is usually a main course dinner, whereas supper is more than a snack or soup meal.
  • Dinner is heavy, whereas dinner is light
  • Dinner is generally much more elegant (though it doesn’t need to be) The dinner is more casual.
  • In the few places where dinner is served during lunchtime, dinner will take place at night (but this is more and less often)

I’ll excuse myself now. I’m starving and headed to meet up with friends for a delicious meal!

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