How Much Do 100 Pennies Weigh?

How much do 100 pennies weigh? This article will show you exactly how much 100 pennies weigh. Knowing the weight of coins can be very effective when trying to determine the weight of something else if you don’t have a scale handy.

Referencing a coin’s weight is easy and convenient to do. Many people carry coins but not everyone knows how much they weigh. Coins can vary in size, materials, and weight so keep that in mind when referencing coin weight.

Certain countries like Canada no longer distribute the penny coin. Many companies can choose to round up or down prices on goods and services to the nearest 5 cents. But many other countries like the USA still use the penny coin and each penny is equal to 1 cent. 

How Much Do 100 Pennies Weigh
How Much Do 100 Pennies Weigh

So how much do 100 pennies weigh?

In the USA, 100 pennies weigh 250 grams or 0.55 pounds. This weight is also equal to 0.25 kilograms. Each penny weighs exactly 2.500 grams.

1 USA penny coin = 2.500 grams

100 USA penny coins = 250 grams

This weight does not include any coin holder sheets or coin rollers that hold the coins. 

Dimensions of a USA penny

The diameter of a penny is 0.750 inches or 19.05 mm. Its thickness is 1.52 mm. 

What is a penny made of?

The USA penny is composed of copper-plated zinc. It is exactly 2.5% copper and the remaining is zinc. 

How much does $100 in pennies weigh?

If you happen to have $100 in pennies, you will have 10,000 pennies as they are 1 cent each. 

Knowing that each penny weighs 2.500 grams, 10,000 pennies equal 25,000 grams, 25 kilograms, or 55.11 pounds.See also  11 Common Things That Weigh 10 Pounds

Imagine carrying a 55-pound bag of pennies that is only worth $100. A single $100 bill is worth the same amount of money as a huge bag of 10,000 pennies!

How much does a penny weigh in the UK?

Pennies used in the UK are slightly larger and heavier than the ones used in the USA. 

The UK penny is 20.3 mm in diameter and weighs 3.56 grams. 

How much does a roll of pennies weigh?

When determining the weight of a roll of pennies, you need to consider a few things. 

  • Type of penny – which country is it from
  • How many pennies are in a roll?
  • What is used to roll the pennies?

In this example, let’s use the USA penny. There are 50 pennies in a standard roll of USA pennies which equals 50 cents. 

Each penny weighs 2.500 grams, therefore 50 of them equal 125 grams. You will also need to add the weight of the paper or plastic used to roll the coins. 

Items that weigh the same as 100 pennies

As mentioned above, you can use coins as a weight reference to compare other items. Here are a few things that weigh the same (or close) to 100 pennies.

Half a block of butter

Most blocks of butter weigh 1 pound. So half of a block weighs 0.5 or half of a pound which is very close to weighing the same as 100 pennies. 

Small apple

The size and weight of an apple can vary. However, on average a small apple will weigh around 0.5 or half of a pound. This is close to the weight of 100 pennies. 

250 dollar bills

A dollar bill in the USA weighs 1 gram regardless of the denomination. A twenty-dollar bill weighs the same as a one-dollar bill. 

If you had 250 dollar bills, they would weigh 250 grams which is equal to the weight of 100 pennies. 

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