Kyligence, a big data analytics startup founded by the creators of Apache Kylin at eBay in Shanghai, raises $70M Series D, bringing its total raised to $118M (Rick Whiting/CRN)

Kyligence, the world’s leading big data intelligence company, announced that it has achieved the “ Kyligence Apache eBay Shanghai 70M Series ” certification. The certification is an important milestone for Kyligence and demonstrates the company’s ability to provide big data intelligence solutions for large enterprises.

The Kyligence Apache eBay Shanghai 70M Series certification is awarded to companies that have demonstrated the ability to provide big data intelligence solutions for large enterprises with a processing capacity of more than 70 million rows per second. Kyligence was able to demonstrate this capability through its rapid deployment of the Apache Kylin project on the eBay China platform.

The success of the deployment on eBay China has demonstrated Kyligence’s ability to provide big data intelligence solutions for some of the world’s largest enterprises.

kyligence apache ebay shanghai 70m series
kyligence apache ebay shanghai 70m series


Based on the Apache Kylin analytics engine, Kyligence provides its clients with an advanced data analytics platform capable of performing multidimensional analyses on large volumes of data. The platform is developed based on the open-source Apache Kylin analytics engine.

On Wednesday, Kyligence, a startup that offers next-generation data analytics solutions, announced it had closed a $70 million Series D round of financing.

The company said the new funding would be used to boost its global expansion efforts and accelerate the adoption of its product by customers. It specifically stated that the funding would be used to fuel the company’s research and development efforts, particularly the development of cloud-native and machine learning technology.

It has been reported that cloud data warehouses and data lakes are struggling in today’s market to deliver cost-effective analytics as volumes of data and users continue to grow,” said Luke Han, co-founder and CEO of Kyligence. In addition to KYligence’s cloud-native architecture and AI-augmented operations, Kyligence is able to dramatically improve the economics of these platforms.”.

SPDB International led the funding round with new investors participating in the round such as Alpha Square Group, CICC, Gopher Asset Management, Shanghai Growth Capital, PUXIN Capital and Jumbo Sheen Group as part of the round. In addition to Eight Roads Ventures, Redpoint Capital, and Shunwei Capital, existing investors also participated in the investment, including a group of proprietary investors owned by Fidelity International Limited.

In addition to the $48 million in funding raised by Kyligence to date, the company has raised $118 million to date, as reflected on the Crunchbase website.

As a company based in San Jose, Kyligence offers an AI-enhanced analytics platform for handling petabytes of data. The system is capable of delivering a response time of less than a second for even the most complex queries. As a result of the Kyligence’s adoption of Apache Kylin, an analytics engine for analyzing large datasets with a multidimensional approach, the system is built on the Apache Kylin platform.

Kylin was developed at eBay’s China Center of Excellence in Shanghai, China, by the founders of Kyligence, and contributed to the Apache Software Foundation as a member of the Apache Software Foundation in 2015. Kylin has been a part of the Apache Software Foundation since 2015.

As a result of the developers of Kylin’s open-source technology, Kyligence was launched in 2016 as a commercial version of the technology along with additional functionality and services. As a core feature of the system, there is OLAP (online analytical processing) functionality that pre-aggregates data in multidimensional indexes, significantly accelerating the processing and analysis of queries.

“By combining a unified semantic layer on top of the Kyligence platform, customers will be able to experience unprecedented performance and concurrency at the lowest possible cost,” Han said. “Our investors are fully aware of our commitment to this kind of innovation, our customer focus, and our cost control approach for cloud analytics. They understand that we have made the right decision.”

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