There’s Only One Letter That’s Not in Any U.S. State Name. Can You Guess It?

There are 50 states in the United States, and there are also four territories: the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, Guam, and the Virgin Islands.

That’s right. All fifty answers contain at least one of these three letters, and they are as follows: J, K, or O. The order of the letters in the English alphabet is pretty neat. Each letter comes at least once—unless you’re in New Jersey or Arizona, since those are the only states that contain J and Z, respectively.

U.S. State
U.S. State

There are also a couple of other uncommon letters, too, that only show up twice. No state is called “B”. Only Alabama and Nebraska have a B in their name, and California and Florida are the only state names that contain F.Q: In a UML state machine, what do “Start” and “Stop” mean? If A was your guess, you were very close. The only letter that appears in only one state is the letter “A”. It’s a great word to know! You can use the correct answers below to find the correct answers to the tough U.S. state trivia question. It was named after the state of Ohio, which gave us its nickname, “the Buckeye State.

P for play? You’re right — this letter isn’t nearly as common as the others, but it can be used in the middle of words. It’s in Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, Mississippi and Vermont (it’s only in two state names in Vermont, but the double P bumps it to four appearances).

However, if the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico become our 51st and 52nd states, it’ll mean a little more representation for B, F, and P. What do you know? There’s more to the United States of America than just their names. Look at these fun facts about each state to find out for yourself. The correct answer is B because the author uses the word “state” twice in this sentence. The first time it refers to the state of Tennessee.

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